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The OTTO V2 and V2-L Series outpace the competition in performance, durability and reliability for remote speaker microphones. OTTO speaker microphones provide high-clarity sound in those situations when you need to communicate quickly and easily. The V2 includes premium features, such as volume control and emergency button, not available on the V2-L lighter-weight speaker microphone.
Perfect for public safety officials to maintain crowd control, for construction site foreman or plant engineers to relay instructions, and many other environments.

Remote Speaker Microphones


Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810E specs.
Housing fully sealed to meet harsh conditions like 40 mph blowing rain.
Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications.
Two-position volume control for operation in various noise environments (V2 only).
Flexible design to fit most portable radio configurations.
Click for specs The V2-L provides premium audio performance at an affordable price.

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